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We’re Giving Away
Real Pots of Gold Whether You Buy from Us or Not!!!

This may be the most unusual promotion we’ve ever offered. Call us before March 17th to schedule a no-obligation, no-pressure estimate on replacing your air conditioner or heat pump, shop the competition, and buy a high efficiency system (13 SEER or higher) from whoever you think will do the best job for the money. If you buy from us or from someone else before May, we’ll give you a real pot of real gold U.S. Mint Sacagawea coins. That’s right — we’ll give you a real pot of gold whether you buy from us or someone else.

Have We Lost Our Minds?

No one in his right mind would make an offer like this unless he was very sure that he could offer a superior value to every other air conditioning company in town. We are sure. Most people who get an estimate from Bartlett Heating & Cooling, Inc. end up buying from Bartlett Heating & Cooling, Inc..

A Pot of Gold is Nice, But the Real Gold Comes from Cutting Cooling Costs in Half

No one knows for certain what’s going to happen in the Middle East this year. This much is certain, if war breaks out, energy prices are going to rise. In fact, they’ve already risen on anticipation alone. This is not a time to try and nurse an old, energy hog of an air conditioner or heat pump through another season. If your system is ten years old, now is the time to replace it. Depending upon the age and condition or your old system, today’s new super efficient equipment can cut your cooling costs in half! Go ahead. Give us a call for an estimate. What have you got to lose?(770) 429-0278

P.S. Hurry and make that call. You must call to schedule by March 17th to qualify for the pot of gold

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<#This is a sales promotion with a certain degree of risk. You promise a literal pot of gold to anyone who calls you out for an estimate and buys a 13 SEER or better air conditioner before May, whether from you or from someone else. Pot of gold? It's just a small cast iron pot.>