Whole House Humidification

Whole House Humidification:

During the heating system, have you ever noticed that your throat is dry and scratchy and your skin is itchy?  Or that you are shocked by static electricity every time you touch something?  Well, those are just a few of the symptoms that you may experience if your home does not have enough humidity.  As you probably know, the heat from your furnace can really aborb alot of moisture from inside your home.  You might even have cracked ceilings, walls, trim and hard wood floors.  This too can be caused from a lack of moisture inside your home.  Having a whole house humidifier installed to your comfort system can help alleviate these problems.  In fact, it can even lower your utility bills!  Your home will feel warmer, even when the thermostat is set at a lower temperature, when you add moisture back into the air.  So you can actually run your system less and feel more comfortable!  Proper humidity control is essential for minimizing the growth of bacteria, molds, viruses and dust mites.
Whole house humidifiers differ from portable humidifiers in that they attach to your central heating system.  This allows moisture to be spread to your entire home.  And unlike plug in portable humidifiers, you do not have reserviours to clean.  The humidifiers recommended by Bartlett drain the water out after each cycle, so there is never any stagnant water in your system. 

April Aire By-Pass Humidifier
Carrier Fan Powered Humidifier



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