Whole House Humidifier

Your home could be as dry as the Sahara Desert!

What happens to the air in your home when it is heated?  Your furnace will bring in outdoor air to be heated. When the air outside is very cold and you heat your, the indoor relative humidity (RH) drops.  The dryness that insues can be similar to desert conditions.  The only solution is to add water vaport back into the air, via humidification.
Humidification, which is is the process of adding moisture to the air, is one of the most important aspects of total indoor comfort, yet one of the least understood.  Although it cannot be seen, touched or smelled, when controlled properly, humidification has many proven benefits.
Correct Unhealthy Air

Viruses thrive in low humidity conditions and can actually increase the likelihood of getting colds, flu and other upper respiratory ailments.  The American Society of Otalaryngology advies the importance of preventing an overly dry environment because if significantly increases the susceptability to infection.
Help Skin Irritation and Discomfort

When you heat your home, indoor humidity levels fall below the optimum range. This causes you to experience the discomforts of too dry itchy skin, annoying static shocks and being "too cold" at   
                         normal temperatures.
Save Money on Energy Bills
A whole house humidifier allows you to feel wamer at lower thermostat settings.  You hear it every summer..."It's not the heat, it's the humidity!"  You can use that to your advantage in the winter when you have a humidifier.
Preserve Your Home, Furnishings and Instruments
The addition or reduction of moisture drastically affects the qualities, dimensions and weights of many materials, including hard wood floors, crown molding and leather  Did you know that even pianos and other musical instruments can lose their tone when it is too dry?  Pieces of art, books and documents dry out and can crack or break when the air is too dry.
Bartlett Can Help!
By installating a whole house humidifier, we can help keep your home more comfortable. A Bartlett automatic humidifier continually monitors and responds to both outdoor temperatures and indoor relative humidity, delivering optimum levels of humidity throughout your home.  You do not have to worry about "shutting down" the humidifier at the end of the season.  The humidifier only works when your heating system is working and there is never stagnant water left in the system.
To view an online April Aire whole house humidifier brochure, click here.

We are proud to offer Made in the USA products.  Bartlett has been a fan of April Aire whole house humidifiers for well over 20 years.  April Aire whole house humidifiers are made in Madison, Wisconson.



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