Why Replace Your AC in August?

No One Replaces a Working Air Conditioner in August...

Exactly Why August is a Great Time to Replace Your Old Air Conditioner?You know your air conditioner is old.You feel lucky that it’s made it this long. If you can just get it past the next six to eight weeks, you’ll survive another summer. You’ll succeed in putting off the problem for another year. But should you?

Maybe you should replace it now when the selection is strong, the installation crews are at the top of their game, and the savings are better than any other time.

Air conditioning is a seasonal business. Every spring, air conditioning manufacturers and contractors gear up for another season. Every year it’s the same. The first few months are filled with pre-season maintenance and replacements of old air conditioners before the hot weather hits. Once the hot weather hits, it’s chaos. In the first few weeks of hot weather, old air conditioners fail left and right. Air conditioning companies scramble to meet all of the service calls, fix all of the old air conditioners, and replace the air conditioners that cannot be fixed. By August, the chaos is under control.

By August, the air conditioning season is wearing down. Manufacturers are thinking ahead to heating season. Equipment distributors are trying to clear out their inventory. Contractors are fully staffed and are hitting their stride. Few people are replacing working air conditioners. Since inventory and installers are readily available, August is a great time to replace.

Why not wait? In a few months, air conditioning inventory levels will be low across the industry. Except for builder models, manufacturers and distributors will be clearing out their inventory to make room for furnaces. We probably would still be able to get our hands on any model of air conditioner that you want, but it may take us some time to locate one and add freight charges to the cost. Buy now and get exactly what you want.

If you wait until next year, it will cost more. Manufacturers usually push through price increases at the start of the year. Plus, we can offer discounts in August when replacement demand is lower and our installation crews are fully staffed. August is a buyer’s market. Buy now and save.

Call us at (770) 429-0278 and we’ll give you a free, a no-obligation analysis of your air conditioning system. We’ll run engineering calculations to ensure your system is sized correctly (you wouldn’t believe how many are oversized) for your house and energy calculations to show you how much money you can cut from your utility bills. There’s no risk and we think you’ll be impressed enough with the savings, we’re willing to take $100 off the cost of a new system when you invite us to give you an estimate during the month of August, even if you decide to buy later.


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