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Save $25 on Heating Service
When was the Last Time You Had Your Furnace Checked?

Without a heating system check, you’re burning money.
That’s right. Flaming dollars. Can you afford to burn money?

Burners fall out of adjustment over time. Tuning them ensures you get the most efficient, comfortable, cleanest, and safest burn. Our heating system service not only cuts your heating expense, it improves air quality, and gives you the peace of mind that comes from an annual combustion safety inspection.
Save $25 when you call us this month at
(770) 429-0278 and mention this ad



Looks Like it's Time for
a Tune-Up

Utility research confirms it. Tune-ups are free. In a landmark research project, a major university, working with a large public utility found that a precision tune-up of residential air conditioners saves $32.76 a month in utilities and restores 25% of lost cooling capacity. Not a bad return on $79.95 for the 1st system, $55 each additional system in the home.

Even if your air conditioner was tuned-up last year, it still needs a tune-up this year. When the researchers repeated the study on the same homes a year later, they found 78% of the savings were still present.  Guess what? Electricity costs are even higher today. And high efficiency equipment with tighter fin spacing is even more sensitive to dust, dirt, and degradation. Thus, the savings are even greater today.

Cut Utility Expenses* Prevent Breakdowns *
Improve Cooling & Comfort
 Even though it is August,  Atlanta will still hot and humid for weeks to come.  Now is a great time for a tune up!

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