Whole House Humidification

Whole House Humidification
During the winter, do you ever notice that you are more prone to itchy skin, upper respiratory infections and static electricity shocks?  You are not alone!  When you comfort system is heating your home, that heat is absorbing moisture from you and your home.  Not only can this lead to person discomfort as mentioned above, but dry air can also cause damage to your  home, such as cracks in your ceilings, walls, trim and hard wood floors.  It can even cause your musical instruments to go out of tune.  Still not convinced?  How about this:  dry air also absorbs the moisture out of your skin, make you feel colder, so you probably turn up the heat...costing you more money!  Good news:  we have simple solutions to improve all of this!  By having a whole house humidifier installed, you will allow your system to put moisture back into your home when your system is running in the heat mode.  And don't worry, you don't have to hassle with shutting the humidifier off and on as needed...this is done automatically by a digital control that keeps your home at a comfortable relative humidity.
If you are considering a portable, just remember that most portable humidifiers only add moisture to the room they are plugged into.  A whole house humidifier will distrubte moisture to your entire home!  Plus, you don't have to worry about cleaning out the reservoir and the constant upkeep of a portable.
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